In Post-Production

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My Heavenly City

a narrative short film written and directed by Sen-I Yu

“My Heavenly City” follows Mavis, a lonely international student who works as a Mandarin-English interpreter in order to make ends meet. Through her assignments, Mavis witnesses the sufferings of others and begins to reflect on her own life and her place in the city. This short drama aims to depict a poetic portrait of immigrants’ lives in New York City through the eyes of an interpreter, and to explore the themes of loneliness, blending into American life and human connections.

The project is currently in post-production

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My Heavenly City

Format: HD, Color

Language: English, Mandarin 

Writer/Director: Sen-I Yu

Producer: Ace Salvador

Director of Photography: Grant Greenberg

Production Designer: Cassandra Holden

Casting Director: Wayne Chang